Governance / administration
Terenure PPU Scholarship Trust is established as a company limited by guarantee and its present board of directors was nominated by the committee of Terenure College PPU. The Trust is administered by its directors and is assisted by the secretary of the Union. The Trust is registered as a charity with the Charities Regulatory Authority and has been granted tax exempt status by the Revenue Commissioners. The Trust has adopted the The Guidelines for Charitable Organisations Fundraising from the Public issued by the Charities Regulator in September 2017.

The Trust will commence fund raising activities in March 2019. It is anticipated that funds will be raised by donations from past pupils of the School.

The Trust aims to be in a position to offer scholarships to two pupils enrolling in the School in September 2019, and that this number should expand in future years. Scholarships offered will be in the amount of up to 100% of tuition fees for the six year period of enrollment.