The application process for scholarships is set out below.

Application form
Application forms must be received by the closing date, which is 31 May of the year in which applicants are to complete primary school.

The Trust will assess whether each applicant meets the eligibility criteria set out herein. Applicants not meeting the eligibility criteria will notified by 30 June.

Applicants and their parents / guardians may be requested to attend an interview with a nominee of the School’s board of management and of the Trust.

Selection Criteria
Scholarships will be awarded to candidates who will benefit most from being part of the College community. Applicants are expected to be from families who are committed to education, have a record of sustained effort and good discipline at primary school, and have participated in extra-curricular activities. Applications will be considered by a selection committee made up of nominees of the PPU, the school board of management, the St Vincent de Paul, and an independent person with relevant experience.